Illustration SI Editor's Toolbar Bracket Replacement Button

This command can be executed from the Editor Toolbar


Provides an automated process for identifying bracketed options and selecting or filling in the option to be included in the specification. Options not selected are removed, along with the brackets.



The Replace Bracketed Text dialog box provides the following functions:


Replace – Inserts the selected option(s) and deletes those not selected and all brackets.


Ignore – Leaves the displayed options and brackets unchanged, and moves to the next occurrence of brackets in the Section.


Cancel – Closes the dialog box and returns to the Editor.


Help - Opens this help topic.


Undo Last – Reverses the bracket replacement actions, one at a time, last replacement first (not available when using the checkbox for Pause After Each Change).





Show/Hide Details -- Controls the display of the following additional functions:

Replace Bracketed Text With

Don't move this dialog box

Replace Deleted Characters with Spaces Inside Tables

Occurrences, Found / Edited

Pause After Each Change


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteUsing Bracket Replacement within Formatted Tables will not delete empty rows and/or columns when all the bracketed options are removed. Use the Table Menu to Delete empty rows and/or columns.