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Unformatted Tables were replaced by Formatted Tables <TAB>




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Can only contain text, <THD>, <RID>, <SRF>, <SUB>, <ENG>, <MET>,<ADD>, <DEL>, <SBS>, <SPS>, <TST>, <URL>, <HL1>, <HL2>, <HL3>, and <HL4>


The table tag is used to encompass text in a table. All unformatted tables should include a table header. Currently tables are free formatted text using spaces to separate columns. Formatted Tables have been incorporated in SpecsIntact v4.3.0.835 and newer and they should be used from this point forward.  Unformatted tables will continue to be supported indefinitely.


In order to promote the use of  Formatted Tables the default for new users will not show the unformatted table TBL button on the tags bar.